Please contact us if you would like to start a new lesson in Yokohama.

You can learn penmanship in a homely environment

If you want to start learning in Yokohama, please come to Terako Juku (Tera Hut) where you can learn penmanship in a cozy environment.
Anyone will be able to write brush letters in a fun way.
Participants who have participated so far have expressed their joy, saying, "I was not good at writing and using brushes, but I enjoyed working on it." It is a brush character that conveys the feeling that there is no doubt that the impression as a person will be improved by writing letters happily and writing postcards cutely. If you are interested in brush writing, please feel free to contact us.


For those who do not have confidence in their own characters

The writing changes astonishingly

Representative profile

It is a filling bridge Sayuki of "Terayo"
There was a time when I was learning to read and write abacus at Terakoya.
Then, about eating here, living, and connecting generations
Let's do something. I thought and opened a salon in 2008.
At present, we mainly hold the Densetsu ® (Tsutefu) classroom.
I can not finish this way
I also made a salon in Yokosuka on a sub-theme.
It is a place of healing and healing.

Thank you very much here.



Life will be enriched if you come to Yokohama learning lessons

If you want to learn how to write postcards, please come

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Access is a good calligraphy class a few minutes walk from the nearest station


Class name

Good cabin

Street address

2-40 Yadocho Minami-ku Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Yamato Building 209

phone number
business hours

10:00 to 19:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


A writing lesson, a popular lesson in Yokohama, teaches several tips that anyone can write as if they thought it was difficult to write a beautiful curve. I am very pleased with the fact that my writing that spreads infinitely with brushstrokes and coloring can not be written correctly and accurately, but it can be finished with a warm work that will be remembered by the person I sent. If you are interested in writing, please join us.

About us

Do you not challenge unique character in learning lesson class of Yokohama?

For those who want to learn in Yokohama, a large number of brush character classes are recommended

If you would like to write unique, heart-warming letters and convey your thoughts firmly, please use the school that teaches the "handwriting" that you have gathered and collected the tips to turn the characters into attractive ones. As we have acquired the know-how to give the best lessons close to the students while refining the technology in the past experience, it is safe even for the first time participants. Students who are not good at using a brush also receive a voice of joy and say that "the character has changed surprisingly" and also write easily anywhere using a brush pen that is easy to carry It is highly recommended because you can do it.
We have prepared several courses such as beginner-level seminars and intermediate-level seminars so that you can improve while having fun. In the intermediate level, you can receive more tailored lessons by dividing hiragana and kanji into different seminars. As a hobby that enriches your life, it is also one of the reasons why many students are familiar with it. If you want to learn how to write postcards and the attractiveness of characters, please contact us at first.

The lessons of Yokohama can be started with confidence if you are not confident in your character

At the writing school that features an at-home and hidden atmosphere, we are careful to provide polite guidance so that those who are angry from the height of the threshold can feel at ease even if you want to use a brush. The entry-level seminar is surprisingly structured to complete in four and a half hours, and the letters change surprisingly in one day, and you do not have to go through many days, so you can learn casually even if you are busy with housework and work I can do it. Since the complex that I hold in writing in writing works will change to my own charm, it is also highly recommended for people who can not do calligraphy at all or who do not have confidence in their writing.
At the stroke writing school, which boasts a wealth of achievements, qualified professional instructors will give guidance, and students will be delighted to hear that "I'm confident in writing letters." We will firmly support the tips and will sincerely support you to enjoy writing from the heart. If you feel uneasy about what kind of writing I do not know, I may have an experience seminar, so please contact us by phone or email and feel free to contact us.